Tribeca Film Festival: UNTOUCHABLE

Tribeca Film FestivaL: UNTOUCHABLE
Dear Friends,
It has been a long road. From the homeless encampments of South Miami to the Tribeca Film Festival, UNTOUCHABLE has been a labor of love for nearly five years now. I’m writing to you to tell you that finally, it is being released to the public on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, and Kanopy.
I remain enormously proud of this film. While we knew going in that creating a balanced, complex portrait of the most reviled people in our society might create barriers to its commercial viability, I stand by every frame of what I hope is a film you will watch, consider, and then wildly post and tweet about.
The publicity we’ve gotten since announcing the VOD release has been universally laudatory: And, at least as of this writing, we’re still at 100 percent on rotten tomatoes. Not bad. Here are squibs from two reviews just from the last couple of days:
"UNTOUCHABLE is an incredible example of what documentaries at their best can be - not just informative, but balanced and thought-provoking despite covering very difficult to watch and complicated subject matter.” —Aaron White, Feelin' Film
"An eye-opening look at a thorny topic... Feige’s documentary resounds with sympathy….and open(s) up a dialogue about a hot-button subject that, it contends, is far less open-and-shut than most assume." —Nick Schager, Daily Beast
On behalf of our entire team, I also want to thank the law professors, social scientists, and the small army of concerned academics in many disciplines who have purchased the film for research and teaching. Likewise, the stream of screening requests from hundreds of community activists has kept us busy for the better part of two years.
As I once told my producer, Rebecca, I see making a documentary film as creating a little engine of social change. You build it and set it free in the world. We’re about to set it free. I hope by watching, engaging and thinking about this difficult subject you’ll help bring some nuance and complexity to a difficult subject that is too often painted only in black and white.
So below is the official release information. Please, click view, think, talk tweet, post, and e-mail, and maybe just maybe, word of mouth and your personal endorsements can give this film the life I hope it can have.
From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all.

Stream it now on Amazon, iTunes and Google Play.
Untouchable, the award-winning documentary that takes an unflinching look at sex offenders, the laws used to punish them, and the people behind the making of those laws, is now available for personal streaming on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon. Look for it also at your public or institutional library that subscribes to Kanopy.




This award-winning documentary (Tribeca Film Festival - Albert Maysles New Documentary Director Award) explodes conventional thinking on this topic with data showing that current sex-offender laws and systems of punishment aren't making us any safer.
It's the first documentary to challenge deeply help public perceptions with new and compelling social science research. Untouchable takes you deep into our criminal justice system to reveal the complicated truth behind the explosive growth of what has become one of America’s largest punishment systems.


Community Screenings

Please note that individual streams do not include the rights for community screenings. For a screening in any public, theatrical, or semi-theatrical venue, with or without admission charge, please contact us at
“Exceptional and important… one of the most impressive documentaries I have ever seen.” — Jonathan Leaf, Forbes
"Untouchable does what great documentaries do." — Daniel Glenn, Film Forward
"This film explores the very darkest corner of our legal system, choosing to shine a compassionate light on the pain and complexity of the issue. Untouchable does an excellent job of highlighting the gulf between social science and our current laws and policies in this area. " — CAROL STEIKER, Henry J. Friendly Professor of Law, Harvard Law School
( read more reviews here)

UNTOUCHABLE INSTITUTIONAL LICENSING DVD with PPR $460 (includes shipping) Closed captions/scene selection
DVD w DSL and PPR $600 (includes shipping)
For a free online preview or further information contact Jeff Tamblyn, Outreach Producer
Order online now, with credit card, Paypal or check.

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